Thursday, January 31, 2013

Stationary Box Stamp Class Invitation

Stamp Camp in January

I held a Stamp Camp at my house a couple weeks ago for one of my friends and wanted to share what we made with you. I enjoy spreading the love of stamping and what you can do with paper to others and find it such a shame that Switzerland does not have more products like Stampin' Up...! There is a HUGE market for this type of crafty goodness in Switzerland and I think SU! would do very well if they would make the decision to come into the country (they already have operations in Germany, France and the UK... so why not Switzerland????).

One thing that I introduced to the class was the use of a Sizzix embossing machine that one of my friends loaned me. OH MY GOODNESS...I LOVE THAT MACHINE!!! It takes a plain old piece of paper and turns it into something beautiful with only the turn of a crank! The Smile card below, as well as the birdy note pad use the embossing plates for the background and I just love the look it gives to them. Guess what I am getting for my birthday in a few weeks....!

We made 4 cards and a little notebook
Birdy notebook with embossed cover

This is my favorite card that we made. Can you see the birds that are embossed on the brown background? 

They all had fun creating their own balloon card using a variety of papers from my scrap box. 

The old maps are actually a set of paper placemats I found one time. They are perfect for more "manly" cards. 

 Below are a few photos of the class participants.
Let the creativity flow!

The crafty participants, including a brave, young man (and the first male particpant to attend one of my classes!)
Happy stamping!
J xx

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Christmas in Switzerland...a bit late!

sparkling Christmas tree with real candles and a sparkler

I had started this post just after Christmas and realized that I never posted it... So, here it is, better late than never!

Have you ever seen a real Christmas tree with real candles lit on it? As an American, this is something that says "FIRE! RED ALERT! DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!". However, for many Swiss, this is the norm. They purchase their trees locally a few days before Christmas, clip on special holders for the candles and light them only for a short period of time on Christmas Eve, Christmas day and maybe the day after Christmas. We are blessed to have wonderful Swiss neighbors who invite us up each year on the day after Christmas so we can enjoy this beautiful Swiss tradition (as well as see who can be the champion in guessing which candle will go out last). This year, however, we experienced something new and absolutely mind-boggling to our "Smoky the Bear" attitude when it comes to fire and trees... there were not only lit candles on the tree, but Erica also lit sparklers and hung them from some of the branches. We were in absolute awe of how beautiful it looked and that it didn't catch anything on fire! As you can see from the picture above, it really is a spectacular site.

Until next time!
J xx 

Foxy tote

Well, I'm happy to say that I am back in service after what my hubby calls a "hiatus" of not really doing anything "productive" for a number of weeks... Of course, he is normally referring to my exercise regimen, but I think I can also use it for my absence in creativity over the past 4-6 weeks!  This is not to say that I didn't have other things going on in my life, including illnesses, recurring headaches that are really getting on my nerves, kids to take care of while hubby is working 16 hour days through the audit busy season, and trying to fulfill Santa's present to me from 2011.  Santa mentioned in his 2012 letter to me that if I didn't follow his orders, I "...may not get any gifts next year except for a big pile of reindeer food (because we have so much extra in the North Pole) that you could feed Z's stinky mice. My reindeer food has a special magic ingredient to make the animal's poop not stinky - I hate stinky animals." Now, in 2011, Santa gave me a very generous present stating that i "...should take time to redecorate your apartment in terms of new furniture/pictures/paint/lights/table, etc."  So what's a gal to do?? I definitely prefer new furniture to reindeer food (although I would really like that magic ingredient to make the pet mice a bit less stinky!), AND given Santa's history, I don't want to miss any future presents; so, I've been busy finding the perfect dining room table, chairs and a sideboard for our place. I'll post about it and a few other things I've been up to for our place once everything gets delivered. I am so excited!!!!! Enough about Santa and the wonderful man that he is :-)!

Here's a tote bag made from pvc plastic (similar to wax cloth) that I just finished for my friend's little boy. It is about 13 inches wide by 17 inches high and is not lined so they can use it for wet or dry things. He likes foxes and I found an iron-on transfer of a fox in my stash that I put onto a leafy print and then added a bit of stitching to its ears and tail. The "N" is the first initial of his name so he will always know which bag is his. I thought it turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself. Hope he likes it too!

I hope to be back soon with more posts. Until then, have a great start to the week!
J xx