Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tribute to a wonderful woman

Gram and Dadak with Miss A and Mr Z in October 2012

My Gram passed away last night. She lived a wonderful 90 years and was married to my Grandpa (now 92) for around 70 years (think it might be 71...). She's been such an integral part of my life for the past (almost) 40 years and I am so blessed to have had her in my life for so long... as well as part of my children's lives. Not many people get to spend time with their Great-Grandparents for as long as my kids have. She had a beautiful smile, a loving heart and was always there with open arms when we needed a hug. She also had the softest skin with less wrinkles than most people half her age, a tribute to daily applications of Ponds Cold Cream :-)! Guess she must have been a believer of this old advertisment!

As I sit here in a state of overwhelming sadness, I keep thinking of all the things she taught me growing up:
- how to draw animals and landscapes 
- how to paint (we loved to watch Bob Ross paint "happy little trees" or "perky little clouds" in 30 minutes)
- how to sew (she made so many of my clothes as a child)
- how to play games (we played games like Yatzee, Uno and Rummikub when we stayed with them rather than sit in front of the TV)
- that exercise is important - she and my Grandpa always walked after dinner or in the mornings (they were the "mall walkers" in bad weather)
- that cooking is fun - she enjoyed cooking and made the BEST meatloaf with mashed potatoes and a tomato gravy that you could ever eat (mouth is watering as I think about it...too bad I don't have her cast iron skillet or I would make one as a tribute to her!)
- and finally (well not really, but I won't go on more than this), that family is important - we got together for ALL holidays, birthdays and anything else that we thought needed celebrating. I am so fortunate and blessed to have had a loving, caring family close by as I was growing up. 

Gram and Miss A in October 2012

I leave you with a photo taken in October after Gram and Miss A finished pushing each other up and down the hall with her walker. They had such a good time as you can see by their glowing smiles. May you rest in peace with our Lord and Savior, Gram, and be our guardian angel who watches over us every day of our lives. I love you and will always treasure the memories we had together.

J xx

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Better late than never...Christmas Market success!

We had fresh snow on the ground, a chill in the air and a beautiful, sunny day for our Thalwil Arts & Crafts Christmas market last Friday!  I wanted to get some sneak peaks of the things I was making posted before the market took place. Unfortunately, all the late nights of preparing for it caught up with me and I didn't manage to get anything posted to my blog... Well, I'll make up for it in this post and will show you lots of pictures of our little market and the things we sold! 
My rack of bags - I was so excited with how many I managed to get done in 4 weeks (along with all the other bits below...)!
Cards, cards and more cards!
My card kits, tag kits, button hair pins, and more!! 
Barb's table with her awesome paintings (I now have two of them :-)!!)
Erica (in glasses) selling some lovely Peruvian hats to our neighbor
Miss A even had her own table and managed to sell quite a few of her things!
Svetlana and her table of jewelry and knit products
Dennise's handmade jewelry (unfortunately didn't get her picture with it...)
As you can see, we had lots of stuff to sell and did a pretty good job of it over the course of the afternoon and evening! It was so much fun to have a wonderful group of women, all selling handmade products to our friends and families. Could this be an annual tradition?????? I sure hope so!! 

Here are a few more shots of some of my products:
Button hair pins and a few flower headbands
Pretty wrapped Lindt Chocolate bars
Create-a-card kit in decoupaged box - includes 10 cards and lots of bits to make them your own
Create-a-card kit in decoupaged box - includes 10 cards and lots of bits to make them your own
Create-a-card kit in decoupaged box - includes 10 cards and lots of bits to make them your own
Small embellished burlap gift bags, perfect for Advent presents
Miscellaneous tags
Merry Mochaccino mixes in jars
I hope to be back with you soon to show you some of my other little projects and orders that will be filled before Christmas! 

J xx