Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sun & Mountains Messenger Bag

I'm excited to show you a bag that has been calling my name for the past 3 months, saying "Why won't you finish me????? I'm lonely over here in your messy corner of the world! I want someone to USE me!!!!!"

A friend special ordered this bag in December and I finally found some time over the weekend to put some tender loving care into finishing it. I can't wait for my friend to see it :-)!
Messenger bag - approx. size 15"w x 13"h

Hand-embroidered on/around the flap

This sun makes me smile!
Inside pocket with my label (it also has a zipper pocket on the other side) -
for those of you who don't know, Blume means "flower" in German :-)

Hopefully I will find some time to make some spring & summer bags in the near future. I'm in the mood for a bright, colorful bag to carry around Zurich this summer!

have a great week!

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