Friday, May 17, 2013

Ribbon Bookmarks

Hi there strangers! Long time, no see... Spring is always a busy time for us, with Spring break for two weeks (back in the US with family - yeah!!) and what seems like 100 local holidays where the kids are out of school. I remember loving May in Zurich when I was working and had no it is more like "...Really?!?!?! Another day off of school?????"

Being the Pinterest fanatic that I am, I came across a very cute and VERY EASY post for paper clip bookmarks with ribbons tied to the top (here's the post if you are interested). Holy cow, was it ever correct in saying it was easy!!! Here's what I made for my upcoming market...and I made about 35-40 of them in under 1 hour!!!  When I was at my Mom's for Spring break, I found one of my favorite books, "The Secret Garden", and just have to use it in my display. What do you think?

Have a wonderful weekend!
J xx

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