Monday, November 29, 2010

Market madness

Well, as you can see by the limited posts, I have been a wee bit busy lately! I always say I will "start earlier" and "make things throughout the year" but when it comes down to it, life gets in the way and I end up going bonkers creating as many things as possible during the last few weeks leading up to the market. I told you I would be providing a few sneak peaks at what I will have, so here they are:

The monkeys helped me decorate the house for Christmas on the weekend and are anxiously waiting for Christmas to arrive. Letters to Santa are written, advent calendar has gone up with continuous questions about when something sweet will appear in it along with the big question, "how many more days until Christmas?????"  I love this time of year in spite of the insanity it brings our lives. How about you?

:-) J

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  1. Put that gingerbread man aside for me! Yummy photos!