Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A little something warm for little hands

I wanted to share something I found and embellished for some of our good friends in Chicago. Little Miss M has a birthday coming soon and I found a great little gift in Zurich to send her. Of course, I had to get coordinating ones for her big brother and new baby sister too :-) because it just wouldn't be fair for only one of them to have this. Chicago can be brutally cold in the winter and what better than to have a little hand warmer to keep in their pocket! They have little hot water bottles inside each one with a small metal tag to "click" to start the strange process to warm the water. I have no idea if they will really work, but they sure look cute, especially with the little hearts on them for Valentine's Day! This is what they looked like after stitching their initials onto the heart so the kids know whose is whose.

And here they are in their boxes with a handmade tag for each one. They were wrapped up with some other birthday goodies and shipped out today - and if I am lucky, they will arrive EARLY. This is something absolutely shocking given my recent track record (ummm...last minute email wishes or perhaps an email a week or two late.....)! The year is starting off on a good note!

Happy Monday!

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