Friday, February 3, 2012

A fresh start

Snowy hydrangeas in Thalwil, Switzerland
February is a fresh start for me. I turned in all of my work equipment (computer, blackberry, badge...) on January 31st after a very challenging year of trying to manage my "part-time come full-time" job, my family and my home...without much success. I am amazed by some Moms who seem to be able to manage work, family and home and to really excel at it. I thought I was one of them until I figured out that I couldn't turn work off upon leaving the office. I would work evenings after the kids went to bed, would wake up before dawn thinking of things that really didn't matter in the scheme of things and had a tendency to be less patient with my kids.  This was not what I envisioned when taking on the job, and I am happy to be finished after quite a long winding down period.

I have to admit, though, that these past couple of days have been tougher than I thought. I thought I would jump right into all those projects I have in my head , sewing machine out, paper and stamps covering my desk and actual projects started. In actuality, I have been wondering around in a bit of a daze trying to find myself in this new world of not checking the blackberry throughout the day, not answering phone calls for work and trying not to think about what I would be doing if I were in the office... Guess it will take a bit of time for adjustment!

I look forward to this fresh start amidst the snow and cold in Switzerland. A renewal of friendships that sort of fell away due to lack of time. Time to reflect on what I want to achieve with my new "work". Activities and time with my kids to show them how much I love them and want them to succeed in all they do. It is all waiting for me...and I look forward to finding out what is in store for me in this next phase of my life.

Happy weekend!

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