Saturday, February 11, 2012

Awake and Asleep Dolly

Dolly with her PJs and very own carry bag
I borrowed a book from my friend call "Mit Nadel und Faden" ("Made by Me" in English) produced by DK and written by Jane Bull. It has all kinds of handmade things for little girls who like to sew. I guess I am still a little girl in spite of my age as I found quite a few little projects in it to make while I've been stuck inside the house trying to recover from a horrible ear infection where I feel like I have those noise-reduction headphones on my head all the time - good for reducing the noise of bickering kids, bad for everything else!

Anyway, Miss A was so funny as we were looking through this book together and made a comment something along the lines of this, "Oh, I really like that. You can make it for me for Easter or maybe Valentine's day and I will forget about it by then and be really surprised!". Only a five year old would think like this! I just love it!  So, while she was at school, sleeping or playing with Daddy, I made the little doll pattern from the book. I remember as a child, I had a Little Red Riding Hood doll where one side was little red riding hood, the other side was Grandma and under her skirt was the Big Bad Wolf - I loved it! All three characters in one doll - what more could a girl ask for?!?!? This doll reminds me of the one I had as a girl and I hope Miss A enjoys it.

Dolly awake and ready to go out!

Dolly asleep in her PJs!
One side of her head has her awake and the other has her sleeping so you can play with the one that you like. The bow on her head is attached with a baby safety pin so it can be moved to the appropriate side and the clothes are all easy to get on an off (jacket is also attached only with a safety pin with a flower button on it. The floral skirt fabric was from one of Miss A's shirts that was too small but too adorable to throw out. The set is very light and Dolly has her own little bag so this will be great for traveling with. I'm thinking we will be making some more clothes for her, but that will be with the help of Miss A and her little sewing machine!!

Dolly's very own bag

Dolly going into her bag for a nice trip!
Have a good weekend and stay warm!!


  1. Hi Julie, I'm with Zara and we were looking at your blog, when I realised that you have already finished Ahsley's doll! So sweet - you must be better to work that hard!

    big kiss
    Erica and Zara