Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My workspace...revamped!

Hello everyone!

I'm a happy camper as today is my birthday and I've had a super day - lounging with my latte and new Living at Home magazine in the morning, baking mini Wacky cakes with Miss A during her lunch break and organizing my new shelf that I got for my birthday (a little present "from" the hubby and kids, of course)!

I have so much stuff and am forever forgetting where I put things in my workspace - in the drawers or boxes or tins or, or, or... So, when I saw this old shelf at one of my favorite stores in Zurich (Garten Eden), I couldn't resist it. It has the perfect sized slots for holding all my ink pads, cards and tags ready for stamping, ribbons and twine, buttons and brads, and a few fun little tidbits as well. Every time I walk in the office now, I smile and think "wow, that's mine!".

Next on the agenda will be to get rid of the mostly unused couch/sofabed that takes up a whole wall and get a bigger table for sewing :-)! That will be my project for April as I hope to be rid of the couch at the end of March. Here's a few more photos of my current workspace just to give you an idea of where my creativity flows best!

Hope you are having a happy day too! I'll be back soon with photos and recipe of our mini Wacky cakes with fresh whipped cream and berries!!


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  1. Hey Julie, cool workspace! i just found your blog again... we met a couple of years ago at the AWCZ Christmas fair ;) hope to stay in touch more thru our blogs...