Thursday, August 29, 2013

Decor fabric clutches...the planning phase


It seems like I always start out my posts apologizing for being absent for a rather long period of time... So, today I'll just say "Hi there strangers!" instead :-)!

Life has been rather crazy lately with summer wrapping up, the kiddos starting back to school (yippppeee!), buying a holiday home in the mountains (double yippppeeeee!) and all the fun stuff that goes along with those things, so I do have to apologize for not posting for the past few weeks. We signed the papers for our new flat in Klosters on Monday and are going up tomorrow for our first weekend as "homeowners" in Switzerland! The kids have been so excited all week and keep asking if they can get sick so we can go up earlier and stay longer. Guess we should relish in their excitement as I doubt it will last when we are taking them on long hikes in the mountains or forcing them to go to ski school... I promise to do a post on our place once we get things set up (and maybe even include a tutorial on some of the things I want to do for it...)!

Anyway, I actually took some pictures tonight while I was playing with some home decor fabric I bought on my last trip to the US. I plan to make some cute little clutches using the fabrics and dressing them up with a variety of buttons, lace and trims from my stash of goodies. I loved looking through all my buttons again and had to get a pic of them on my table!

Here are a few pics showing my planning process of combining the fabrics with the liners and the various trims and buttons. I'll provide an update once I get them made. I keep wanting to do a tutorial at some point as well and maybe this will be it since I plan to keep these VERY SIMPLE!

Have a great weekend!
J xx

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