Thursday, August 8, 2013

Travel tote bag

Hello!  So sorry for the lack of posts recently... Summer has been amazing in and around Zurich and we have been enjoying our days swimming at the lake, hiking in the beautiful mountains that are literally only minutes away and whittling away our time just hanging out with a good book.

My son went on holiday with his good friend from school and they went to the Canary Islands just off the coast of Africa. For those who do not know the islands, they are actually part of Spain in spite of being closer to Morocco. Well, what can one do to thank the parents for such a gesture of taking your child to a far away land for two weeks of living in luxury at a 5 star hotel, with beaches and swimming only minutes away???? I decided that for part of our thank you, I would make a travel tote bag with some of the awesome map fabric I have and embroidered with the flight path from Zurich, name and the year. Inside the bag we put a couple bottles of good Spanish wine, some books for my son's friend and a nice thank you card. It's not nearly enough to express our thanks, but I do hope they like it!

As it has been a bit rainy this week, I've also been able to get a few other small bags made that friends had ordered before the summer holidays started. Here they are:
Gray rose zipper pouch with pockets inside for cards

Baby blue and red polka dot coin/card pouch

I hope you've been having a good summer, too!
J xx

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