Thursday, April 12, 2012

Flowers and Spots - Totes for kids

Green Flower tote bag

Denim spot tote bag

Pink Flower tote bag
Close up of stitching on flowers
It has been a busy couple of weeks around here with Spring in the air. We've planted flowers and herbs, cleaned the cellar (ugggh!), dug out a patch of grass in our backyard to plant a new flower garden that will help hide a not-so-attractive rock wall, taken several bike rides/walks through the woods and along the lake (see previous posts) and have just been enjoying the beautiful weather we've been experiencing (well, at least until Easter when the cold and rain returned...)! In the middle of all that, I had a special order for 3 tote bags for one little boy and two little girls! The basic totes were bought in the US a couple of years ago and have been sitting in one of my baskets waiting for inspiration to transform them into more than just a simple tote bag. Since flowers have been on my mind lately, I hand-appliqued some big, bright flowers onto the girls' totes, adding some buttons and ric-rac along the way. In order that the boy tote would last a bit longer, I went with big circles in stripes and polka dot fabric. I lined all the bags with coordinating fabric in order to hide the stitching inside - that was a bit tricky considering the totes were pre-made... I'm pretty pleased with how they all turned out and hope their new owners will also like them!

More to come soon!
J xx

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