Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mr & Mrs Card Set

Mr & Mrs Card Set
We are going to a wedding next weekend for one of my hubby's best friends and I wanted to give them a little something handmade to go along with their gift. My dear friend gave me a box of mini note cards with brown envelopes in a neat little brown box, knowing that I could probably add something to the plain cover and white note cards. I thought it would be perfect for the couple-to-be for when they want to write a little thank you to their guests should they wish to do so. I added some patterned paper to the outside of the box and made a flower from fabric, lace and ribbon (love, love, love how it turned out!!!) and then stamped the white note cards with five different designs to give them a bit of variety. 

I love how the flower turned out!
The base of the flower was made from fabric. I was playing around with the ribbon to wrap around the box and decided that I liked this one (combo of two ribbons stitched together with linen thread) to accent the top of the flower. And the best part of it all is the button with the antique look and feel to it. Let's put it this was hard to part with the flower!

Inside includes 35 mini cards (5 different designs) with brown envelopes
Now I need to try and find some more of these little boxes....!

We are off to America on Saturday for Spring Break (YEAH!!!), so I'll be back with more in a few weeks.

:-) J xx

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